Five Days to Second Triathlon With Liam


Part II of my seven highlights countdown to my seventh race with my I Run For Michael buddy Liam in our second triathlon this coming Sunday.

I've written a lot about Liam and how a post a sweaty selfie once-a-week to the private Facebook page of I Run For Michael has turned into a life-changing rewarding experience. Likely part of the "tipping point" in our relationship was flying out for his 18th birthday to surprise Liam and his mom Joan (Dad was in on the surprise.) It was at his birthday party where I started to appreciate the special young man that had entered into my life along with his awesome parents.

It was also at the birthday party, where Joan and I decided, "WE SHOULD RACE TOGETHER!"

From that point, we started planning our first race together at the Carlsbad 5000 where "Team Liam" had been raising money for brain care and research since he was practically born. You could say it "snowballed" from there into a fanatical racing partnership and a special bond with a very special kid.


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