An Unconventional Training Journal Week

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It's been awhile since I illustrated my journey. This last week had a little bit of everything with my the end of a 12 day trip in Montreal, an insect attack on a bike back home, and my best intentions of renting one of those tourist pay by the hour commuter bikes that ended with getting lost, and getting drenched in a suit in a downpour.

Not that I've ever lacked motivation, but my next race is with my IRun4 buddy Liam in our second triathlon and our first international distance THREE WEEKS!!!

I left for Montreal in a boot and came home with it packed in my suitcase. I've got some work to do to be ready in three weeks. No problem.

(For good measure, I've included a couple of the photos from my trip to Montreal.) 

Lachine Canal. Great scenery for a bike ride or run in Montreal. 

One of two 50M pools I swam in while in Montreal. This one was the site of the 1976 Olympics where Mark Spitz took in a record haul of seven gold medals.

Sophia Loren street art in Montreal

Marche Jean-Talon outdoor market in Montreal


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