Tri This On For Size: My Carlsbad 5000 VBLOG and Tri-Training Weekend

It was a swim, bike, run weekend that was rewarding beyond words, so I put it to video. I flew to San Diego this last weekend to train with my special needs buddy Liam and happened to PR in a race along the way.

Liam has hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis. He is blind and has never walked, but he is an adrenaline junkie and loves to race!

I've written how my relationship has morphed from an online "sweaty selfie" once a week shared on the I Run 4 Michael Facebook page to considering Liam and his family part of mine. Liam's mom Joan seems to draw out the art of possible with the two of us and after subtly mentioning;

"We should race," (we did, five times now)

"We should do a half, (we did, twice)

Joan said, "we should do a triathlon. I quickly said yes, then I quickly panicked.

While I've done plenty of triathlons, I've never done an assisted athlete triathlon. (I wrote more about my panic and research HERE.)

With snow flying in Denver (literally last night,) the open water in Colorado is simply NOT open and Liam lives in San do you prepare for a May triathlon (Spring Sprint on May 6th) living in Colorado and your athlete is in a wheelchair in San Diego? I chose to fly out for a training weekend and combine it with a return visit to the Carlsbad 5000 which was our first EVER race together.

With a full-blown adrenaline junkie diagnosis, Liam has gone hiking, fishing in Colorado, skiing, and indoor skydiving this last year. What's next? The sky's the limit with this kid.

Huge thanks to Pro Compression and Love the Pain for the ambassador relationships!


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