A Perfect Saturday

Some days are better than others.  Last Saturday was better than most.  This is not a race report, nor an article about the new bike I bought or the new training program I'm trying out.  An ordinary day that turned somewhat extraordinary.  Practically perfect in every way (holy shit...did I just quote Mary Poppins...and did I just use the word shit and Mary Poppins in the same sentence?)  (Sorry Mom.)

We started the day by having coffee with some old friends.  Tom Costello grew up down the hill from us as kids.  My sister baby-sat for them.  His dad would offer me my first shot at a job out of college and his Mom helped me buy my first house.  I always admired their whole family and was excited to catch up with them over a "cup of joe."  Two of my kids were excited to meet "THE" Tom Costello from NBC News and "Today Show" fame as one watches the "Today Show" and another is considering a career in journalism.
Catching up with Tom

Tom's dad told me a story about a day he ran into me in the mall when I was in Jr. High.  I had just been diagnosed with arthritis and was out shopping for Christmas presents.  I was "parked" in a recliner chair at Sears...taking a break.  Tom tells the story that he'd asked how I was doing, and I replied that "I wasn't having a good day...my back hurt...and I'd run out of money for the rest of my gift shopping."  While I was down, I was not out...I think he probably offered me a few bucks to finish the shopping.  Likely feeling sorry for the scene in front of him.  I told him, I'd be okay, and I'd figure out how to scrape together the money to finish shopping and my back would be okay.  He told the story with admiration, but didn't realize that I held an even higher regard for him as a role model throughout my life.

As we enjoyed the Corner Bakery coffee, we shared more stories, laughed and they asked about all my run and triathlon exploits...amazed that a skinny little redhead with arthritis somehow turned into a weekend warrior who runs marathons and picked up a new sport of triathlon racing.  As we parted, they spoke with admiration about my kids using words like poise and maturity.  The best cup of coffee I'd had in a long time for sure.

After coffee, I took my oldest son to martial arts for his brown belt testing.  Brown being one step removed from a black belt.  A pretty big deal.  The coffee and the belt testing ruled out a long run with my running group that morning, but both meant more...much more than a regular run.  I must be getting more emotional in my old age (that's next week's blog) as he passed the test as expected and I went for a hug.  As most teenage boys would do, he started to pull away after a quick hug, but I wouldn't let go.  I let loose a couple tears of pride.  Like his Dad trains for races, he had put months and months of work that culminated in that brief day.  A proud moment and a proud dad.
Keenan and Crowie

Without a morning run, I squeezed in a fairly typical short bike ride in the blazing hot Colorado afternoon.  Nothing special as far as the ride, but I'd planned to go see Craig Alexander that evening who was in town.  I couldn't meet this guy without working out myself that day.  If you don't know Craig, then you must not be a triathlete or follow the sport.  He's the "Lance Armstrong" of the tri world with multiple world Ironman championships to his credit.

Alexander was signing autographs and speaking at my new favorite store; Kompetitive Edge, in Denver.  Kompetitive Edge is the only store in fitness-crazed Colorado that caters to triathletes selling product in all three disciplines of swim, cycling, and running.  I had literally discovered the place the day before after hearing about them at the Denver Triathlon.  How did this oasis exist and I didn't know about it?  I digress as I often do, but I was drooling over all the gear and could not turn down the opportunity to meet "Crowie."

Me with my biggest dork expression
I took my youngest who's a swimmer and a triathlete himself who wanted to meet "Alexander the Great."  After test driving some Newton shoes and waiting in the forty minute line, we both got our autographs, photos, bitchin' poster for my boy's room, and a few exchanged words.  More impressive than his resume was the guy's demeanor.  He struck me as quite humble and even more genuine.  Talk about some motivation.  As my marathon persona continues to battle my triathlon alter ego over which sport I focus on, that evening certainly "stoked the fire" to reach more goals in my tri game.

As I left the event, I told my running club buddy Ted to make sure he gathered my doorprize when they called my name.  I had to leave early to catch a movie with the rest of the family, but I was feeling "lucky."  I was certain that I'd win something; they were giving away several door prizes if you test drove the Newtons including an Ironman entry.
My new race Oakleys

After the movie, and after a perfect Saturday, I logged into Facebook almost certain that I'd won.  Sure enough, I had a message from Ted that my prize was waiting at the store with my name on it.  "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."  Not knowing what I'd won (Ted thought it was sunglasses or goggles,) I stopped by yesterday to redeem my prize.  Not a $20 pair of goggles...I could pick out ANY pair of Oakleys I wanted, so I'm the proud owner of a $300 pair of bad ass Radarlock Oakleys.  Some days are better than others and this Saturday was better than most.


  1. Congrats on the new Oakleys! Those are SWEET! Sounds like it was a good day.

  2. Great day indeed !! Keep on Tri -ing, running and biking !! Always proud !


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