Hump Day

There's a reason Wednesday is called "hump day."  Nothing to do with camels or consenting adult activity.  You're halfway there.  Monday is behind you and the weekend is within site.  As I plot miles logged in my training spreadsheet, I will literally crest 50% of the miles planned in my plan. I'm at "hump day" in my training.  Given that I've compiled my "David Letterman Top Ten" signs you know you're halfway through a marathon training plan;

1)  I've got some ugly feet. Despite lathering up my pigs with Body Glide before my longer runs, my feet are showing some mileage.  Blisters and calluses ruin any chances of me being a foot model.
2)  "Badge of honor"  Related to number one, I have one missing toenail already.  I eyeballed a toenail that looked a little long before a tune-up race two weeks ago.  Shifting to more of a forefoot strike, a longer toenail, and a fast race lead to "Mr. Purple" toenail which lead to a losing the little guy.
3)  Telling yourself, I only have (insert number here) 20+ mile runs left.  In my case, the number is three (after two already run.)
4) I lost my ass and it wasn't in Vegas.  Before marathon training, I suffered from "no butt."  I literally noticed in the last week, that my pants are falling off me.   As the miles pile on, the pounds peel off.
5)  I see running everywhere.  Runners on Wheaties boxes, Runner's World Magazine in the airport.  Running on the brain.
6)  Spring fever.  Temps in Denver are still fluctuating, but we hit the 70's yesterday.  Spring means race season.
7)  Diet.  My Achilles heel.  My attention to my "Racing Weight" and what goes into my body is heightened as I get closer to race day.  Carb loading, vitamins.  Garbage in, garbage out.
8) Speed work confidence is building.  The first time out was pure torture.  This week I was glad to see that the plan only called for two sets of six x 400's.  I ran them at sub six minute pace but felt relieved they were only 400's.  Yeah...but there were twelve of them.
9)  You use the words "short long run" and are happy it's only a 13 mile run that day.
10)  Rotating the tires.  You start plotting out the mileage on race day shoes.  Just as you wouldn't road trip to Vegas on tires with no tread, you can't have 500 miles on a pair of shoes nor do you want to run in a shiny new pair.  Time to get a new pair to loosen up for race day.  I have my eye on some ASICS DS Racers.

Where are you in your training plan, and what signs do you see that you're halfway there?


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