#30DaysToBoston #Snack

Before I talk about today's hashtag, questions I've been getting about the #30DaysToBoston #Photochallenge;

1)  What's a hashtag and how do I post?  A "#" before a key word allows you to search for that word on popular social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter.  Search #30DaysToBoston and you'll see some very creative stuff on each daily challenge word.  Post your pictures to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook with the tags #30DaysToBoston, #Photochallenge, and that day's tag and people can find your posts.
2)  If I'm not a blogger, or not running the Boston Marathon can I participate?  Yes and yes.  One of our sponsor bloggers (Lora) is not running this year, but has her sights set on qualifying.
3)  If I didn't start on Day 1, can I still participate?  Even though the party has already started, of course!
4)  Is there a giveaway?  Great idea!  Vendors can DM me on twitter.  We will announce something next week!  There's always a SeekingBostonMarathon sticker for participation!
5)  If it's a countdown, why aren't we counting down from 30? Today is #5...shouldn't that be #25?  Runners count miles differently.  After mile 1 in a race, we think, I just ran one mile, not "crap, I have 25 more to go." Somewhere around mile 20, we start counting differently.  "Only six to go."

Today's word is #snack.  For those that have followed me for any period of time, you know that my day job (not running) requires a fair amount of travel.  (Over 100,000 miles on United last year.)  This presents all kinds of challenges with training and diet.  There is a LOT of garbage you can find in the airport.  Luckily, I have discovered Kind products.  Today's snapshot was taken in the Chicago O'Hare airport on the way back to Denver.  I scored a bag of their Vanilla Blueberry Cluster Healthy Grains along with a Dasani water.  Much better than a greasy cheeseburger and beer (although that's debatable) and it's gluten-free.

On a final note, can someone explain why the BAA website shows 24 days to go?  Did they move the race to Sunday or can I not count?

Play #30DaysToBoston and a SBM Sticker is Yours while supplies last


  1. I think the BAA doesn't include raceday in the count...but I love that we do! I already have that picture planned!


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