#30DaysToBoston #Pain

There's a reason it's called a marathon and not a "walk in the park."  Your body takes a beating and that's before you even run the race.  Today's #30DaysToBoston #photochallenge word is #pain.  Before my marathon training plan even started, I was dealing with lower leg pain in the area of my previous stress fracture.  For Christmas, I gave myself an MRI to rule out anything bad.  Good news, no stress fracture and a green light for training.  Bad news was that they MRI didn't sprinkle pixie dust on my leg and make the boo-boo go away.  In other words, I had 600 miles to put on a already bum wheel.  The second bit of good news is that that pain has subsided for the most part--not the first time running MORE actually took care of something on its own.
Pre-training #pain
Today's #pain shot shows that I don't have just one "badge of honor," I have five.  Save all the "you have the wrong size shoe advice" emails and comments.  I have been using more of a forefoot strike and have run more miles for a marathon than I've ever run before, so this is my reward.  The other good news?  I won't loose any toenails in the race because the five longest ones are still growing back.


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