#30DaysToBoston #Distance

You can tell that I sell analytics as my day job.  Runners are obsessed with numbers; tracking mileage (distance,) PR's, miles run this week, miles run this year.  I used to log each training run in a spreadsheet with comments on how I felt and heart rate.  I still track training miles in a spreadsheet, but the later items I log in Garmin Connect, Training Peaks and on DailyMile.  No need to write down my heart rate in too many places.  The spreadsheet (shown in the background of #distance) shows miles planned each week and actuals.  DailyMile shows that March was an all-time high in distance trained at 217 miles with a few runs left in the month.

What #distance have I covered training for this year's Boston Marathon?  571 and counting.  I had my first ever 70 mile week this month.  Today?  A mere five miles run on a recovery day.  What #distance did you run today and what #distance have you covered over your Boston Training plan?


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