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How Long Covid Exhausts (my) Body

Last night Seeking Boston's "crack" research team (also known as Mrs. Seeking Boston) sent me an  article  ("How Long Covid Exhausts the Body") from Josh Keller of the New York Times. As I slowly went through the words coming across the screen, it felt like they'd interviewed me and told my story. For those of you that still are wondering what Long Covid is, how it affects people, or why I drew the "short straw" like upwards of 30% of Americans (and worldwide) that get Long Covid; this article should help. Source: New York Times With that, ten key points from Josh's New York Times article  to help you understand Long Covid and how it resonated with me. 1) "Long Covid is different" than onset of Covid symptoms. "A chronic illness with a wide variety of symptoms, many of which are not explainable using conventional lab tests. Difficulties in detecting the illness have led some doctors to dismiss patients, or to misdiagnose their sy

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