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I Fell Into A Burning Ring of Fire

I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire. I Went Down, Down, Down, And The Flames Went Higher. And It Burns, Burns, Burns, The Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash) There is no shortage of perplexing symptoms when it comes to #longcovid. I can vividly (oxymoron given my brain fog) recall more than a few perplexing looks I got from doctors in the first two trimesters of my Long Covid journey--especially when talking about the early onset of what one would describe as "restless leg syndrome." My "crazy legs" are famous as featured on NBC's Today Show and with Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News . My story is not unique as  1) Long Covid is still in it's infancy or research phase--in other words, little knowledge or consensus consists in the medical community with regards to helping patients like me but there's emerging clarity on the "groupings" of symptoms and at least some emerging theories.  2) Small Fiber Neuropathy has emerged as a common "umbrella" sy

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