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Slate Long Covid Hate

What is it with Slate and their minimization and downright dismissal of Long Covid? If I didn't know any better, there has to be a similar "yarn on the corkboard" connection to PAC money or the likes of Jeffrey Tucker's Brownstone institute . The later explains the money-fueled bias of Vinay Prasad (aka  the " Angry Conspiracy Bear. ") It certainly can't be that they (Slate) has it right and the lion's share of the medical and research community has it wrong. At this point, there's a pattern of gaslighting at Slate; first with the "hack" aviation (using the term lightly) journalist Jeff (not) Wise. I say hack as he is known for writing about aviation and more famously (or infamously) featured in the Netflix documentary on the missing Malaysia flight 370 " MH370: The Plane That Disappeared ." Several theories emerged and by the end of the documentary, other (seemingly more reputable experts) dismissed Jeff's stories as tin-

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