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My Last Broken Bone was in Vegas

It's been more than awhile since I posted an update here on my Covid Long-Hauler journey. As a (I'm not ready to say) former runner, I'm not a treadmill hater. It does strike me as a familiar metaphor as I seem to be walking (not running) in place. In other words, more of the same; yet different. I'd like to say I'm getting used to the questions;  "How are you feeling? or  "Are you any better?" Answers to the above are "not good," and "not really" and I have a broken toe. If I'm being honest, I'd say it's trending worse over the last few months as my body has evolved or morphed with symptoms as the devil plays with "knobs" each day on what torment awaits. I attended an old friend's "celebration of life" two weeks ago and ran into a great group of friends I hadn't seen in awhile. While it was great (and a mental boost) to see old friends, a large group of people I haven't seen in awhile pr

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