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You want the Good News or the Bad News?

In today's post, I won't bemoan my symptoms other than to say my shortness of breath, brain fog, and chest "madness" all seem worse than they were three months ago and certainly one year ago. With all that, I haven't had the energy to write or draw/illustrate of late as my energy is low, I'm dealing with the loss of parents, and working on my latest disability review. I've mainly been updating on my Twitter and Instagram . As someone with Long Covid; internet groups, reddit channels, and social media can be a labyrinth of confusing information with sometimes more depression and lunacy than hope. There are some "glimpses" of good news and few cases of some people "pulling out of" Long Covid but those are few and far between. This doesn't count continuous "well meaning" individuals that constantly send me articles and remedies. The craziest being Russian anti-biotics.  Sifting through all that, honestly my best researcher is

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