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Fifty Things I Forgot to Thank My Mom For on Mother's Day

This has been the toughest post yet to try and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Especially approaching the first Mother's Day without my mom. My mom who was one of my biggest fans passed away somewhat unexpectedly in February. Our mom was one of the last ones off the dance floor at her first grandchildren's wedding (Maya and Marco) in August. She suffered a massive stroke shortly thereafter in September. I say unexpectedly because we had the highest hopes that she'd recover and we'd have more weddings and holidays to spend with her. Happy Mother's Day Mom As a family, the adult children supported a plan of my sister Kim and her husband (Saint) Marc moving in to care for her as she'd lost almost all of her speech and had to go through extensive rehab to learn how to walk and eat again. There were certainly moments of hope as short sentences and certainly her personality began to re-emerge from the fog of a stroke. Not that there were many unspoken words

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