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The Dirty Dozen Symptoms of Long Covid

Good Lord. Where do I start? There are two twitter storms within the Long Covid community stirring up quite a bit of dust; one being tensions boiling over with division starting to happen to what was a cohesive community and the second is the "bombshell" dropped by NIH defining Long Covid with twelve symptoms. The later  is one of the outcomes of the (not)RECOVER(ed) $1B initiative that has had " little to show for it. " The former, I don't understand (and perhaps a future post) but the "dirty dozen" is a hot topic and I'm likely already in trouble by stating that NIH and JAMA narrowed down and simplified to a mere dozen symptoms as being inaccurate. One side of that coin is there WAS a patient advocate as part of the study which we'd hope would reflect the community in terms of definitions and what those definitions would be used for. That's the start of the problem. Lisa McCorkell  was that advocate and is one of  the co-founders of Patie

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