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Another year, another turkey. On the eve of Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, we contemplate the year and get ready for family, food, and football on Thursday. While we are "not out of the woods" by any stretch on COVID (especially in hotbed Colorado) I am trying to find aspects of life I'm still thankful for given I'm still struggling mightily with Long Covid. My Dad is struggling with Dementia, my mom suffered a massive stroke in September but they are still here and so am I! As an annual tradition around Seeking Boston, my Thanksgiving gift to you is this year's Runner's Thanksgiving Toast Cheat Sheet. I'll explain once again. Traditional gatherings may be happening so that means avoiding "Uncle Eddie" on his fifth bourbon wanting a creepy hug leaving you with scents of bourbon and Old Spice cologne. Some may still rely heavily on Zoom and hope that Grandpa is wearing pants. Then comes that awkward moment when someone decides you get to go aro

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