Carlsbad 5000 Race Video Recap: Liam's First 5k

I've been fortunate as a runner to have raced the Boston Marathon five times. I've run over the Golden Gate Bridge and around the Kremlin in Moscow. This last weekend however topped every run experience I've had. I've written about my run buddy Liam who I met through IRun4 Michael. Liam was born with hydrocephalus and suffers from cerebral palsy and scoliosis. He has a metal rod in his back, he's blind, and confined to a wheelchair.

I met Liam last October, but wanted to give him the exhilaration of racing. After much planning and a couple test runs in a Team Hoyt race blade, we raced the Run Rock n' Roll Carlsbad 5000 this last weekend. Words can't describe the rewarding experience this was...perhaps the smile on his face in the video below tells it all.

As a reminder, if you run, do your part and join IRun4 (they are behind in their athlete registrations and it takes only a few moments a week to post your runs on their Facebook Page) and contribute to Team Liam HERE. I'll be pushing Liam this weekend at the Carlsbad 5000.


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