UPDATE: Working on My Night Moves

I reviewed a pair of Nightrunner 270 shoe lights back in 2015. They were a "scrappy" start-up back then and have progressed as a product and company with major exposure on Shark Tank and ABC's Good Morning America. They let me know they've got a Kickstarter fund raise coinciding with their Pro version that has a longer batttery life, higher lumens (the first product was already crazy bright,) and bluetooth technology.
NightRunner270 on "Shark Tank"

I put my money where my mouth is and kicked in my own money. Get a pro pair by kicking $55. Other donation levels are available. Donate to their kickstarter campaign HERE.

Original Post (and my YouTube review:)

A good friend of mine in the run world introduced me to a new product for run safety from NightRunner270.com. I took them out on a test drive and have the video to prove it. One of the cooler products I've tested in awhile. My video blog post below discussing the product and showing my test run in Seattle. Thanks to Laura and the good folks at Night Runner 270 for the fun test drive!

Water Resistant with 30 Meter Illumination


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