Boston Tragedy

Blogs are made up of words, and it's difficult to assemble words that can describe the events that unfolded in Boston today at the Boston Marathon.  First and foremost, I've been trying to let everyone know that I am okay.  I came through the finish line perhaps 40 minutes before the two blasts near the finish line of the marathon.  I had just met my wife in the family meeting area two blocks away from Boylston when we heard what I would describe as a garbage dumpster dropped from a rooftop.  Moments later, a second explosion that was slightly muffled went off--I'd learn later that it was further away from the finish line.  The nearby crowd seemed to pause for a moment, but most like myself shrugged their shoulders and went back to their reunions.
Runners tuning into the tragedy at the nearby Loews Hotel

Still not knowing anything had happened, I met up with fellow runners at a nearby bar in the Loews hotel to reflect on our races.  We were there for a good while before everyone's phones started lighting up with text messages and social media messages asking what had gone wrong.  The bar flipped on the events on the T.V. and at that point we were learning of the events like you were.  I met a man who was within seven minutes of the blasts.  It all seemed surreal.  Talk of running turned to anger.  A local man cussed at the T.V. that anyone would do this in his city.
Tense moments after the events

More details and reports will come out.  The initial reports show the first blast originating from Marathon Sports which is an iconic local running store right next to the finish line grandstands.  I bought my last minute race supplies there yesterday.  My heart goes out to those families affected by this tragedy ironically on Patriot's Day.  Patriot's Day commemerates battles of the American Revolutionary War, but symbolizes freedom.  Locals in Boston who aren't runners revel in the holiday with the day off, a Red Sox game, barbeques, and lots of beer.  Ironic, but perhaps not it would happen on a day symbolizing our freedom.



  1. I have been following your blog since I began training for my first marathon a year ago. You and the others that have said and done things to help keep me inspired were in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you are okay.

  2. I am glad to hear that you are okay. Congrats on Finishing the Boston Marathon, however the memory may be tainted, you still accomplished your goal and that will not be forgotten.

  3. So glad to hear that you are ok.


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