#11DaysToBoston #LoveThis

You're probably wondering why all my blog posts have started with #30DaysToBoston...is this runner SOOO dillusioned with running the race, that he can't count?  No.  #30DaysToBoston is the name of the #photochallenge (four other bloggers) and myself started exactly 30 days away from the Boston Marathon.  I'm posting (along with many others...thank you!) daily pictures leading up to the race based on the hashtags (still confused?...the final hashtags and GIVEAWAY are posted at the bottom of this post.)  Not too late to post to your blog, Instagram, Facebook, or VFW lodge bulletin board.

Today's hashtag is #loveit.  Based on the photo below, it should really be named #LOVEIT!.  Runners love their bling, and while Disney medals have character(s,) and others boast how big they are (see Texas,) there's something special about the unicorn medal.  So tough to qualify for, so tough to train for, so tough to run, and so special to finally get one.  I #LOVEIT.  I love it so much, I'm hoping to add a third one to my collection in #11DaysToBoston.

The remaining challenge hashtags and GIVEAWAY are shown below.

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