Three Things Thursday: A First, A Rookie Mistake, and a Gift

Three random thoughts on a run, swim, bike Thursday.

A First

My Birthday Bobblehead
I wrestled with this one and even blogged about it (Torn Between Two Lovers.)  I posted a poll on my Facebook page (no one voted,) and wrestled with this one mightily.  Two races on the same day; Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (GTIS) and my home town triathlon; Highlands Ranch Splash, Mash and Dash (SMD) this Saturday.  GTIS might be one of my favorite overall races with a downhill course between two mountain towns--it owns my half marathon PR of a 1:32.  I'd previously thought that a NYQ (New York Marathon Qualifier) was 1:35 on on my checklist for the year.  Either I'm dillusional or they lowered the time like Boston did to a 1:29.  While I have worked on speed and I feel it's within reach, I don't feel I have trained to "race" and hit a PR in a half right now.  More importantly, my shin splints (yes...the left side again) have been re-aggravated.  After a 3 mile "easy" run had me grimacing this week, I painfully sent an email to the race director that I would have to pass on my favorite race this year.  Withdrawal from a race for me...a first.

No disrespect to my triathlon friends, but a sprint Tri is much easier on the body than a downhill half marathon so I've opted to tape up my leg and race in the Highlands Ranch SMD this Saturday.  The upside is my 13 yr. old son is drooling over the chance to "kick Dad's ass" in a triathlon, so this will be the first race we're done together.  All things considered, I think it's the right choice.  Yes...SBM in the SMD...FYI...results TBD.

I'm a Rookie

At some point, I can no longer claim to be a rookie triathlete, but there's so much to learn, grow, and improve upon, I am most definitely still a rookie.  With the race on Saturday and perhaps a 100 miles on my two month old bike, I took it into the bike shop for a tune-up for the aforementioned SMD.  I always feel a bit intimidated walking in there--especially in the bike shop area.

If I don't know much about triathlons, I know even less about bicycle maintenance.  As the veteran bike tech started going over my bike, he subtlety asked if I was okay taking off the reflectors from the wheels. I sheepishly answered, of course and realized those were required to ship from the factory for safety reasons, but added unnecessary weight and "drag" on my Trek Speed Concept.  I didn't realize I looked like a complete novice in my first two races with those on there.  I should have included streamers, a bell, and a basket for my puppy while I was at it. #imamoron 

A Gift

Three gifts to brag about.  The first is one of the best birthday gifts I got this year from my in-laws; my own bobble head doll complete with sunglasses, red goatee, and Garmin.  I know what you're thinkin'...I bet you want one too!  A nice addition to my desk at home.

The second gift arrived this week from Premier Nutrition.  Pinging me from twitterland, they asked if I'd be interested in some samples.  Since my endorsement deals haven't come in yet from Asics or Nike, I quickly replied with an emphatic "yes."  A care package arrived this week with several protein bars and shakes.  My personal favorite is the yogurt peanut butter.  Having suffered from poor diet and a "sweet tooth" this could be just what the Dr. ordered.  #yum

The third gift came from my friends at #runchat.  They are running profiles on run bloggers this month and yours truly was featured in their "Celebrating Running Blogs Month."  Read it and tweet!

Footnote:  for those pad geeks out there, SBM is now available on Amazon/Kindle.  Automatically download my babbling thoughts to your iPad, Kindle, or Android Pad.  Your pad or mine?   :)

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  1. Thanks for submitting your blog with us at #RunChat. I'll be a regular reader from now on!

    1. Thanks David! Hit me up on twitter w/ your handle.


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