It Pays to Blog and Know Your Recovery

First off, I have to apologize. I'm not much to look at on video and realized halfway through production, I had some "crazy hair" happening. I will fire the stylist tomorrow. This week's video blog is not so much an update on my injury recovery, but I got my 2nd place prize in the #chocolatemilkcontest sponsored by Rodale, Runner's World Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Bicycling Magazine and Got Chocolate Milk.

I wrote about how I recover after a training session or race (HERE) and was thrilled to get 2nd place. Thanks so much to all my mom's friends who voted every day along with everyone else.

Also..congrats to my running and blogging buddy Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders for coming in Third. I told her the only reason she came in third was that I had a huge head start!


  1. Wow! Congrats! They definitely know how to put together a stellar prize package! I can't imagine what 1st place won.
    Also love your sense of humor about firing the stylist and thanking your mom for the votes! Ha!


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