How Far I've Come in Fifteen Weeks

A look at how far I've come since my triathlon accident ended my 2014 race season and put my quest for the 2015 Boston Marathon in jeopardy. 

By the numbers.

7-19-14: Triathlon Accident
4: Broken Ribs
3: completely fractured ribs
1: Collapsed Lung
1: Separated shoulder & torn Labrum
11: Days in the Hospital
2: Days I thought I would be in the hospital
50%: Blood oxygen level Sun. Night in the hospital
80%: Blood oxygen level considered dangerous.
3: Days in ICU
6: Pain Killer refills
1.5: Average number of hours of sleep WITH painkillers in the first month home.
54: Days without a run outdoors from the date of my accident
2009: Last time I took more than 54 days off from running.
30: Days I thought it would take to resume training.
10-29-14: 4 Mile Run.
9:00: Minute per mile pace
7:30: 1/2 mile interval pace inserted mile 3-3.5. An ambitious marathon goal pace considering I have no lungs at the moment.
20: mins. of Strength Work
170: Days until I run the 2015 Boston Marathon.
0: Regrets (other than taking a different angle on that downhill corner in my last triathlon.)


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