Three Things Thursday: Love is in the air.

My three "Love" thoughts on this payday Thursday.  I guess that's four because I also love getting paid.

Facebook Love:

No.  This is not finding your high school sweetheart on Facebook...that was MySpace's space.  I had a random post on my Seeking Boston Marathon Facebook page that I'd made WomenRaces.Com's "100 Motivating Endurance Facebook Pages List."  Perhaps they mistook the tutu I was wearing in my "I Was Beat up by a Ballerina" blog post and thought I was a female runner.  I'm in touch with my feminine side and my female readers, so I'll gladly accept the nod.  Check it out (HERE) as there are some great runners to follow on Facebook.  I was informed later that there were a number of male bloggers/pages that made the list.  Thank you!

Twitter Love:

It doesn't make much to make me happy.  I still appreciate it when Bart Yasso occasionally responds to my tweets or Facebook posts on running.  I'm still waiting for Kara Goucher to respond to my overtures, but I'm about to put her on my "Mean Girls" list.  After blogging about my latest lust, my Brooks T7 Race shoes that I tried for the first time this week, I got a "Favorite" from the mighty Brooks Running themselves.  Take that Kara!

Mailman Love:

What can brown do for you?  Brown can deliver some great mail.  I get enough bills and worse through Mr. UPS and regular mail, but this was a great mail week.  Skora Running reached out to me to see if I wanted to test drive their shoe.  #twistmyarm  I put these baby's in the corner of my office and I'm waiting for the "right" run to bust them out...soon.  It's a minimal shoe so not likely on my long run this weekend, but perhaps for the tempo intervals I have scheduled.  I slipped them on and they feel like slippers.  I think it's love.


  1. Love the shoes! Just want to share you about the tomato bash in Boston :) You and your followers might be interested :) Zozi is buying tickets from us and giving them away for free for a limited time. Here is where people can get their free tickets: Anyways, here's the link for the tomato bash event Hope to see you and your friends there! :) Let me know if you could come :)


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