Fast that like a lowfat donut?

Eleven day countdown. Yesterday presented something I hadn't seen since December--a "goose egg." The first Wednesday I didn't have a run scheduled since December. It's interesting...I've had a ton of people comment and lament on the aspects of taper including; Matt (from DailyMile,) "hate it hate it hate it!!! my log says 0 as well...resisting the urge to drop a 10 miler tonight..."

Me? I am enjoying every minute of it.

Today brought what was supposed to be a recovery run of four miles. After yesterday's odd layoff day and this week's snow, I was bound with energy to run outside on an absolutely gorgeous Colorado day.

I had already got an email and verbal "slap on the hand" (deservedly) from my running coach that I modified his training plan to use level 4 miles during the week and level 5 (long run) miles on the weekend. I took off like a jackrabbit who had been kept in the coop too long with the sun out, cool air, and my new iPod playlist.

What should have been a 8:00 minute average run turned into a 6:49 average paced run. If I was a catholic, I'd be getting wooden ruler on my racing rump by Sister Catherine. "You have been a bad boy!"

I couldn't resist. I'll blame it on the weather, The Who's "Eminence Front" on my iPod and this constant stream of Boston emails and links that has me in a frenzy.

Another "goose egg" day tomorrow followed by a short long run on Saturday. Short long run? Another oxymoron just like the "fast recovery run" I had today.

I know, I know, I know...taper is for rest not for racing. I'll stick to the plan here on out.


  1. I love fast recovery runs - if you're feeling good that day it provides a good confidence booster! As long as it's not right before the marathon, I'm all for it! You want that leg turnover too.

  2. Cool backdrop on the blog.... I need to do something with my stuff! :) Good luck in the marathon! Love the spreadsheet! Can you email that to me?


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