Christmas in April

The anticipation is starting to build. Fifteen days and counting before I board that plane heading to running mecca, or my running Nirvana--the 114th running of the Boston Marathon.

My week started on a "high note" with Ben Haber from the Examiner.Com emailing me to tell me that he'd highlighted me as one of the "Faces of the Boston Marathon" in his online series that writes about the runners that make up the majority of the field in the race--the non-elite runners. The other "high" of the week was hitting and exceeding my fundraising goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society totaling $4,497.

The last boost I got showed up in a brown box at my home yesterday. As I've blogged previously here, I didn't understand the constant emails from Adidas promoting the Boston Marathon apparel--the BAA is such a tease. Looking at my travel schedule and Boston schedule I started to get paranoid that I would show up at the expo in search of the long awaited Boston Marathon jacket and they'd be sold out--kind of like the dream where you have to give a speech and you forgot your clothes--PANIC!

Given that, I ordered online from Adidas the "celebration jacket" and running beanie which came in the mail yesterday. You'd think that I would have ripped open the package like a grade schooler at Christmas, but I stared at it for awhile and tended to some other things. I'm "sticking to my guns" and swearing that I will NOT wear the jacket until after the race. I stare at the box for another 15 minutes while I check email and consult with my twitter world and get the following two responses;

DP_Turtle Look, but don't wear! RT @seeksboston26mi: superstitious about get'in my #bostonmarathon jacket b4 the race-should I open the adidas box?

petfxr @seeksboston26mi I am glad u went ahead & bought jacket. It will save u a ton of time standing in line 2.

Given the "green light" from DP_Turtle and petfxr, I open the package. I'm not overcome with excitement because I know that I've got 64 training miles to go including my last 20 mile long run tomorrow, two taper weeks and a the little matter of actually completing the race before I can break the plastic wrapper on the jacket and hat. It would be kind of like looking at the 2010 medal--you can look, but you can't put it on.

This week's adjustments included adding a 1/2 size (to an 11 1/2) to my ASICS DS Racer shoes. While my training 2150's are 11's, the racing shoe has a slightly more narrow fit around the toes and the 14 miles I put on the 11's resulted in some blisters. I broke in the new 11 1/2's on my 8 miler yesterday and I'm digging the lighter weight and it "feels" faster.

Tuesday's track workout was blazing fast by my standards as I ran ten 800's with a 200 recovery between each. I averaged a 6:02 pace which Yasso mathematicians would predict a 3:15 finish. I think I have a 3:15 finish in me, but likely not on the tough and hilly notorious Boston course. Nevertheless, a big confidence booster three weeks away from the race.

I am also going to test drive a pair of Zoot compression shorts with my 20 mile long run tomorrow in Parker, CO with Runner's Edge of the Rockies. I ran the CIM in a pair of long Skins which I've become dependent on in a race. From what I've read, you cannot predict the weather in Boston in April, so I will go equiped with long and short compression tights and make a "gametime" decision on what to wear. I'll update here or on my twitter on how the Zoot compression shorts work although I'd have to admit, it looks like a black girdle. Whatever it takes!

I end the evening last night by tossing the Adidas box with the un-opened jacket and hat in the corner of the bedroom. Christmas will have to wait until roughly three hours and 15-30 minutes (hopefully) after the ninth wave starts on April 19th.


  1. Completely thrilling! Can't wait to see how you do in Boston. Best of luck. Wear the jacket proudly after the race!

  2. Good to see the jacket is still in the plastic! After the race wear it everywhere!

  3. I am so glad I am not there because I so couldn't resist wearing it, at least for a few minutes in the house.

    Now, just because I am a worrier - put it in your suitcase right now. The last thing you want to do is leave it sitting in that corner.

    Good luck on monday.


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