Long Covid: And to Think it Happened on Dexter Street

With a few Dr. Seuss books cancelled of late, I thought I would propose a suitable replacement. A sequel to the 2017 SBM Classic, "A Run With Runs is No Fun." 

Not quite "And to Think I saw it on Mulberry Street," but I offer up my Long Covid version as a suitable 2020/2021 replacement.

White tub
Cold tub
My grey robe spot

At night I go
When my feet are hot

Hot, hot, hot
Normal legs these are
Not, not, not

Twitching, kicking
Crazy legs
I have
Got, hot, got

Daily flu is my thing
Tingly, achy, itchy
Rona lingering

Shit, shat, shot
My body is
Hot, hot, hot

Not in hunky way
I am
Not, not, not

My hair has thinned
On my foggy head
Shit, shat, shot 
Thinking clearly
I am
Not, not, not

For 100 days 
My fever was
Hot, hot, hot
Some didn't care 
They did not, not, not

My chest it burns
I gulp for air
Doctors said
Nothing here
Nothing there

They can't explain 
My fading hair 

I used to swim
I used to run
Now I cant
No fun, no fun
My running rant

There is hope
There is cheer
Mayo Clinic says
Here, here, here

You had the virus
You check the boxes
You will get better
That's what the doc says

Saint Fauci
Saint Birks
Listen to them
Don't listen to jerks

We are not out
of the woods
We are not
Mask up, mask up
Don't be a twat

Covid is cruel
Covid is thorough 
I'd wished this monster
Would leave my borough

Shit, shat, shot
Long Covid 
I have got, got, got


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