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Meme Monday: #motivationmonday

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seeking Boston Marathon Ketchup

Three tomatoes are walkin' down the street.
Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.
Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato gets really angry.
Goes back and squishes him and says: "Ketchup."

Name the movie that shared the above joke and a sticker is yours. This metaphor came to mind as I'm way behind in providing updates so this is my ketchup (catch-up) post.

Volunteering at my son's race
This week marked two months since the last time I ran in the Boston Marathon. Over the last eleven months, I've been sidelined with injury without running for five of those months. It's been difficult to write about running and triathlons when I'm not doing either. As I wrote HERE, the latest injury I've been working on is a torn hip labrum. This has been slow going as I opted for physical therapy vs. surgery. Other than the obvious, I chose this path as I wanted to salvage my 2015 season since I lost the second half of 2014. I made the local running store's (Runner's Roost) triathlon team only to stare at my race suit. I am also within a week of needing to start training for the New York City Marathon if I want to use my typical sixteen week training plan.
The new bike and new Helix Wetsuit

With all the above, here's what I've been up to. For starters, I'm uber excited to be hosting a session on growing your blog through social media at this year's FitBloggin' Conference which is being held in my home town (Denver) this year. This is my first time attending or speaking at a fitness conference and I'm crazy excited about it. I have a slight advantage in that my "day job" is sales so I'm used to preparing for presentations and I guess I'm a walking cliche as someone that gets paid to talk. This is quite a bit different as I'm talking about a passion of mine. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job and career, but let's face it, it doesn't compare to talking about running and blogging.

My session is this Friday morning at 8 AM PT. If technology cooperates, I'll be live tweeting during the event and if you can't attend in person, you can post questions you want the session to discuss in the comments section below or in the original post for your chance at one of four $50 gift certificates to Runner's Roost.

While I haven't been able to run, that hasn't kept me from spectating, cheering and volunteering at races lately. I volunteered two weeks ago at the Ft. Collins Sprint Triathlon where my son was competing. While I tended to body marking and ran a secondary timing device (first time for me,) he went on to finish in the top ten and first in his age group--a chip off the old block.

In terms of my rehabilitation, it's difficult to measure where I'm at. I have been going to Steadman Hawkins once a week for the last five weeks for intense P.T., and more recently have augmented that with visits to Accelerated Health who specialize in active release therapy. In addition to these sessions twice a week, I have a range of strength and stretching exercises that I do each day for 20-25 minutes. Overall, I can tell I have increased range of motion and strength in that right hip and glute (#bunsofsteel.) The other encouraging sign is that sitting for long periods of time at my desk or on a plane would inflame the hip. Flights no longer bother me for the most part.

When Steadman Hawkins gave me my initial diagnosis, the ortho surgeon told me"no running" but I could swim and bike. With my triathlon bike totaled last July in my accident, I finally replaced it with a Guru. I was close to buying new, but was able to find a low mileage bike on Craigslist purchased last year. The seller was getting married and not doing triathlons anymore. I "lucked out" as I was able to spend roughly $2,400 for the bike and added some Profile Design Carbon wheels. New...everything would have cost at least $5,000. I have maintained working out an average of five days a week alternating rides on the new bike and swimming. My swimming is feeling strong and "race ready." Just a matter of getting the "go ahead" from my doc on running.

This afternoon, I will head to Steadman again, and make a plea to begin some light running. I can't say the pain is entirely gone, and hoping a get a "green light" so I can "ketchup" on my training and resume my race calendar.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Meme Monday (SPOILER ALERT:) Not Running and Jon Snow

Monday, June 15, 2015

Meme Monday: Not Running Really Bites

Friday, June 12, 2015

Backstage Pass to Fitbloggin15

I obviously have summer concerts on the brain being spoiled with Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheater in my backyard with this analogy. No, I can't offer a "back stage" pass to FitBloggin15 coming up in two weeks in Denver, but I can offer you a chance to get your name out there virtually if you can't be there in person.

Yours truly is in the "pole position" in the first hour of breakout sessions hosting a small group discussion on "How to Build Readership Through Social Media." I'm excited, and perhaps a bit nervous. My "day job" is in sales so I'm used to talking. I'm excited in a good way in that I get to talk about my passion; which is running, triathlons, and blogging about it! No sweaty palms or trembling knees just yet, and it should be a lot of fun!

For starters, there's a giveaway from THE best running store in Colorado, Runner's Roost! Participants in the session are eligible for one of four $50 gift certificate to Runner's Roost. Woohoo! (Don't worry, if you're out-of-state, you can order online!)

Sooo, where does the virtual backstage part come in? For those that couldn't make it to this year's conference in person, you have an opportunity to have one of your questions posted by me during the hour? Social media can be fun, time consuming, an invasion to the dinner table or bedroom, but it can also build lasting relationships and drive traffic to your blog.

In the comments section below, or on my Facebook wall, post the question you'd like the room to discuss and questions asked will have their name "thrown in the hat" for the $50 gift certificates.

There is no such thing as a "stupid question"--that's my job. (smiley-face icon inserted here.)

If you have been "on the fence" on attending, the registration LINK is still open. I look forward to your input and seeing many of you in Denver!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Runner Who Can't Run is No Fun

A runner who can't run is no fun.

Sore in the hips.
Sore in the buns.
This is no fun for the runner that runs.
Sore buns
No runs

Runners with the runs is more fun than a runner who cannot run.

Running p.t. is all I do
Not fun for me, not fun for you
Tighten my buns
Stretch my hips
I ran today, does not pass my lips
Hips, lips, this is the shits.
This does pass my lips

I get to sleep in as there is no run
No run in the sun, no run is no fun
My glutes are so tight with all the work
A perk of the work, the drills I work
So tight is my butt
I can open a bottle
Between my cheeks
Cap off the bottle

I can crack a walnut with my butt
Yes, I'm working that hard
My glutes are cut

I can swim
I can ride
I can roll with the tide
I pretend I don't care
With me not running
This is really quite rare

Not on the road
Not on the trail
No, "hey there's a cloud"
"Hey there are some ducks!"
Without runs, this totally sucks.

*Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat Are Copyright protected Images of Dr. Seuss. This parody is meant for fun, not profit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Non-Running National Running Day List

It's National Running Day today. I'm a devout running addict, and I can't run right now. I'm still rehabilitating my torn hip labrum with some pain that still can't be ignored. Even my P.T. on Monday looked at me with her, "you must be kidding face"when I started to talk about when I might be able to run again. Five out of the last twelve months have been on the bench without running. "Game time decision" for another week. With all that, I can't NOT participate in the day. With that, my top ten non-running running list.

1) Running my mouth off. I'm in sales so I get paid by the word. My sometimes dry and off-kilter sense of humor drives sponsors and readers away. #footinmouth

2) Run in my stockings. No, I'm not Caitlyn Jenner, and no I don't wear stockings (as far as you know), but I do wear socks. I hate to throw out my favorite pairs; they just find their way to the bottom of the bin.

3) Running from the law. I won't post all my transgressions. I don't like lawyers until I meet the one with my long-lost relative oil well settlement proceeds. My most famous or infamous was in Jr. High when Tony McCurty and I "borrowed" his mom's station wagon. Neither of us were old enough to drive and Arapahoe County's finest pulled us over as suspects in some Christmas light vandalism nearby. My parents were called to pick me up behind the King Soopers grocery store convinced it was my brother Todd who was picked up by the cops again.

4) Running on empty. This explains most of my miles 20-26.2 and the 48 hours leading up to the 2015 Boston Marathon.

5) Running for office. I ran and was voted vice president of my class in grade school. I also ran for "little sister chairman" of our fraternity. Another successful post tainted by the "Red Feathers Lake Little Sister Retreat." We ran out of firewood and the party burned the kitchen furniture in the fireplace. We didn't get the damage deposit back.

6) Running man. The quintessential white guys dance. I am the "poster child" for white guys who can't dance. My body moves one direction and that's forward.

7) Running water. Our house has running water but my kitchen does not. A broken kitchen spray nozzle lead to a trip to Home Depot. The job is half done as I head out of town. A plumber I am not. Qdoba for the next three days for the teenage boys or cleaning dishes in my hot tub.

8) Leave the car running. It's illegal in Colorado, but on frigid winter mornings you'll find fumes of gray smoke billowing out of many a car trying to warm up for the drive.

9) Imagination running wild. You don't want to look into the psychedelic kaleidoscope that is my mind. My vivid imagination keeps me young and spinning stories off these pages.

10) Running out of time. I have run my favorite race five times. I don't have a BQ for 2016 which is the first time since 2009. Injuries and the calendar are working against me, but I'm determined to run it again. 2017!

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