Three Things Thursday

I'm starting to feel like a broken record. Slow going on the recovery, but depends on whether you view the glass as half full or half empty. A few thoughts on a gorgeous autumn day in Colorado.


I've now had a few runs in my rehabilitation since my accident in July. I have yet to really open up the carburetor...until this week. When I'm in training, which is most of the year, I spend 1-2 days a week with an aggressive run with Tuesday or Wednesday as a speed day. Perhaps a bit too early, but I tried a few intervals indoors this week with my typical routine; warm-up two miles, strides and drills, intervals, and a cooldown. I wound up with two 800's, 400, and a 300 ranging in pace from 6:15-6:30 minute per mile pace. While those numbers may sound encouraging, I left the gym a bit discouraged knowing that pre-accident, I was running 800's comfortably at a 5:30 or faster pace. My lungs just aren't there yet.  Some big video of the strides in the gym.

Good Mail Week

A boost to my running mojo this week did come in the mail with my Confirmation of Acceptance
into the 2015 Boston Marathon. Oh happy day, and oh panic day. This means I have another month to build some level of conditioning to formally start my typical 16 week program sometime mid-December. #gulp

Question of the Week

This was a good one from a reader who asked me, I haven't trained for my upcoming marathon, and the furthest I've run is 13 miles, I need some "professional advice." My answer was you made two mistakes, not training, and using me and professional advice in the same sentence. I am not a coach nor do I claim to be (but I do play one on T.V.)

After giving it some thought, I DM'd my email and plan to talk by phone. My thoughts are;

1) This is not recommended.
2) How much did you pay? Can you defer (probably the best answer.)
3) When was the last time you ran 20 miles? (I think I know the answer.)

Regardless of the answers, you certainly can't "RACE" this marathon or have any speedy goals. Having said that, we have all seen marathon runners who come in at the five hour mark or slower. Some I've seen don't look like they've trained at all yet finished. I think it is possible if you slow it WAAAY down close to a walk. Take a bunch of pictures along the way, and insert plenty of walk breaks.

How would you answer the question?


  1. Oh man, that's a tough question! I would probably suggest if they are dead set on doing this race that they adopt an interval method. Use this marathon as a total for fun adventure and just worry about crossing the finish line and nothing else. I ran a marathon with 15 miles being my longest training run leading up to it and it was tough and my time was awful, but I managed with intervals. Also - I tell everyone, I'm a Ginger, not a Doctor. So consult some real coaches or others in your group who are familiar with you and your training. Good luck with this one!


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