Three Things Thursday; Jump, Miles, Feet

Three things on my mind with less than twelve days to the Boston Marathon.


I had what will likely be the last long tempo run yesterday.  I often get asked, "what's your goal for your marathon" with the expectation of "I will complete it in _______ amount of time."  The first answer I always give is, "complete the training."  Completing a marathon is one thing, but the training itself is not a trivial thing.

Needless to say, I was "jumping for joy" after my seven mile tempo run on Wednesday.

700, But who's counting

I hit a new high-water mark in number of miles trained for this marathon...700.  The only asterisk is that some of those miles were on the bike (I'm not a century rider,) but some were also in the water.  For the non-swimmers out there, it takes quite a bit longer to cover a mile in the water.

Free SeekingBostonMarathon stickers to the first three that can solve the above run riddle.


I posed the question on twitter yesterday.  Are toenails required to run a marathon?  I hope not because I will line up in Hopkinton with only five.  Skip the shoe size issue is I've converted to more of a mid to forefoot strike.  Run more than a few miles downhill without a heel strike and you will lose a toenail or two along the way.  It also helps to clip your toenails a bit shorter, but who has time for that.  #notafootmodel


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