100 Days to Boston: Race Eve

It's often said that anyone who tries to run 26.2 miles is crazy.  The only thing crazier than that is training over 700 miles to run 26.2.  One hundred days ago, I decided to go a step further than logging my miles in a spreadsheet or online.  I started my own photo challenge with the goal of taking a picture each day along the way to the 2014 Boston Marathon to compile a 100 Days to Boston video.  The journey was a long one as many of my training days were "on the road" with a couple early trips to Boston, two trips to Mexico City, a sales meeting in California, Spring Break (with another stop in Mexico,) and a detour to the Super Bowl in New York City.

For my non-running friends, this will give you a feel for what I put into a race, and for my running friends, I'm sure you can relate.


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