Mean Tweets: Long Covid Edition

UPDATED: (February 26, 2023) Added #LongCovid Mean Tweets Second edition with a return appearance from Dr. Seuss (aka #saunastalker.) 


For those fans of Jimmy Kimmel and his "Mean Tweets" segments, I present to you from Seeking Boston's creative studio; "Mean Tweets: Long Covid Edition."

While this is trying to add (dare I say) humor to a very serious topic, most people with Long Covid are tired due to the fatigue component of this post-Covid illness that sends many like myself into a life of disability. We are also tired of "gaslighting" Covid-19 and Long Covid. We are tired of (so-called) medical professionals that spout out anger and misinformation. Your words have consequences. 

A family member confided in me and shared their Long Covid story. Yesterday, after firing their first doctor, the second one said that "losing weight" and waiting for the one year mark (oh, and exercising) will magically make all the symptoms go away. This is why I continue to campaign for awareness and reform. Write to your government officials. Raise your voice. We need research, reform, and investment. A deeper dive into my thoughts on what needs to happen in my previous post HERE.


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