Thanksgiving Toast Cheat Sheet: 2022 Long Covid Edition

Once again, it's that time of year in the United States when families gather for Thanksgiving. For those of us with Long Covid, it potentially brings a layer of anxiety as getting another round of 'the Rona" is not what any of us want for the Holidays. Many may avoid a gathering and others may have family that didn't vax, don't mask, and potentially traveled home for the holidays--all this raising the risk of another infection.

Aside from the Covid fears, there's also the subtle nuances of family dynamics. Uncle "Ed" who smells of Old Spice cologne and cheap bourbon wanting to nuzzle his cute nieces and nephews with his bristly 10AM shadow. Then comes the time during the dinner when someone prompts the Thanksgiving toast or "what are you thankful for" ritual. 

In case you have anxiety over all this, I present to you, the "Thanksgiving Toast Cheat Sheet: 2022 Long Covid Editon" to help should the moment or words not present itself.


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