We've All Been Duped: AHCA

I had a great day, but it turned ugly as I learned the news out of Washington D.C. I just don't understand the partisan buffoonery going on laced with ignorance, racism, and hate. Go ahead and unfriend me or unsubscribe to my blog, but hear me out first. For all those that voted and gloated about the outcome thinking everyone's lives are going to get better, you've been duped. 

Yesterday, we took a giant step backwards in LGBTQ rights and today you really pissed me off by threatening to take away services my run buddy Liam relies on. Liam has had over 150 brain surgeries, is blind, has cerebral palsy, and severe scoliosis. He frequents hospitals like some people frequent Starbucks. 

He has what's known as a deeming waiver that helps his parents with his care. AHCA implements a block grant system and Medicaid waivers would be eliminated entirely. Liam has obvious pre-existing conditions and has exceeded previous insurance limits. His wheelchair alone is $17,000 and a teen normally can get 3-5 years out of one. His current chair is seven years old. His parents don't buy boats or fancy cars. They are veterans and spend (I'm guessing) an already disproportionate amount of money on his care. 

He will stop getting new chairs once he turns 22 and loses EPSTD (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) program benefits. He will then get a chair maybe every ten years. As Paul Ryan and all the gray-haired white angry old Republicans gloated today, Liam's mom was despondent. As his run buddy, she was texting me during meetings at wits end. I honestly think half of it is the Reps didn't like a black democratic President's name on a program. I acknowledge it had issues but it is sitting at a 67% approval rating. Block grants won't cut it. Healthy kids will get covered. 

Elderly (like my stepmother undergoing chemo) and disabled will either not have coverage due to pre-existing conditions or their insurance will far exceed their means. I started a fund to raise money to buy Liam a racing blade so he can have that smile return to his face and his parent's faces. I may need to start a second fund to merely get him basic health care and his next wheel chair. 

Wipe that f*cking smug look off your face Paul Ryan. You and all you other REP's should be ashamed and embarrassed at what happened today. Lastly, look at the two pictures. One is Liam who is directly impacted by this ignorance and the other is a graphic of the countries that don't have universal health care--see America and see Africa. I can understand third-world countries that can’t afford this, but the U.S? Not right. Share this and call your senator. This can't get through the Senate. We’ve all been duped.

For those that cast the wrong vote, you owe me and Liam a contribution on top of that call to your Senator.   https://www.crowdrise.com/liamrolls


  1. HELL YES!
    I'm just so baffled as to when we stopped caring about other humans. When did profit become more important than loving thy neighbour. Although I'm not directly impacted (Canadian) I wanted to cry at hearing the news yesterday. It's just not right.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Good to know Canada is behind Liam!

  2. Ty, am totally with you, and is a travesty what is happening in DC currently, we all knew it would happen, the idiots don't care about America or American, they just care about an agenda that is outdated, just like they are, these old white men need to go.


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