Vote for Ty in the #RWCoverSearchContest

One of my online run buddies made it to the finals last year in the Runner's World Cover Search. I thought it was a novel idea to profile a mere mortal runner on the cover versus the usual elites (or models) that grace their publication. The stories of the finalists all had some inspirational tale. While there are some far-more interesting and deserving individuals, I figured, why not "make a run at it myself." My story is a bit unconventional as I was asked to create a hashtag to describe myself and I chose, #improbableBQrunner.  I also figured I would use it as a platform to talk about one of my run-related passions and that is the IRun4Michael organization. IR4 essentially matches up runners with individuals with typically severe health or disability issues who can't run. I've been matched up with Liam for a year now. Liam suffers from hydrocephalous, is blind, and has degenerative bone issues so he will never run. I run for Liam. My story about Liam and how you can become a run buddy is HERE.
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If you could, please take a moment today and vote for Liam (and I) in the Runner's World 2016 Cover Search Contest. You can vote HERE daily, and voting is open for another 68 days as of this writing. 

My bio as listed on Runner's World;

I like to consider myself the most unlikely of marathon runners. When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis—a form of arthritis. I was embarrassed to be the last kid that completed the lap around the baseball field. I put sports on hold for several years and even made fun (in jest) of my friends in high school on the cross country team. In 2000, I was going through some life changes and decided to “get in shape.” I found the treadmill in the gym and became addicted to fitness. With my (AS) under control, I quickly discovered that they had races for adults and got hooked. In 2007, I got the “bug” to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon. It became my passion and obsession. I finally qualified for Boston and ran in 2010 while raising money for Leukemia. I have also raised money for the Arthritis Foundation, and for lung cancer research. Feeling fortunate that I’m able to run, I’ve decided to “give back” and run for my buddy Liam through the Irun4Michael charity. Liam suffers from hydrocephalous, is blind, and has degenerative bone issues so he will never run. I run for Liam.


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