Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Microwave Cats

At the 2015 Fitbloggin' Conference in Denver, I volunteered to speak after the formal presentations at dinner on Friday night. I did not realize what I'd volunteered for and had to talk to slides I wouldn't see until I was on stage. I had five seconds per slide.

Realizing this could be either the most embarrassing moment of my life, and or an epic failure, I decided to "go big" with shock factor. I chose the topic "I Microwave Cats" as my improv speech. Thanks to Alan Ali from Sweating Until Happy for capturing the moment.

No. I do not really microwave cats and while I have an ex-wife, I have no issues with either nor plans to stuff them in a microwave. I will blame my improv material on too much Rodney Dangerfield and an awkward childhood.

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