By the Numbers: Pushing Fifty

A few numbers to consider as we sit one day away from fifty days to the 2014 Boston Marathon.

One:  Number of rest days I've had in the last twenty three days.  That number will grow to two today.  I"m tired and need a rest day thank you.

1 in 6:  Number of podiums in my first six years of racing.

187:  Number of miles I've logged in the last twenty three days.  Did I mention I was tired?

1,661,200:  Inches in a marathon.

Seven:  Number of intact, healthy toenails.  Pretty good number at this stage.  #notafootmodelcandidate

147,458:  Number of page views for  Thanks to you, that number just went up to 147,459.

0 for 7:  Friend (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page) accept-to-request ratio for Kara Goucher.  She's apparently quite busy since she started training in Boulder again.

Three:  Number of Boston Marathons I've run.  April 2014 will be number four.

1 for 1:  Ratio of friend request to acceptance ratio with Bart Yasso.  He's apparently much more approachable than Kara.

9 for 11:  Number of podiums in the last year since I hired a running coach. The two podiums I did not capture were the Boston Marathon and Columbus Marathon.  I'm okay with that.  Thank you coach Benita!
Day 49 of #100daystoBoston


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