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I have been avoiding you or is it the other way around? I'm tired (quite literally) of writing about the physical challenges my running body has endured since Boston in April. I hate to be a "downer Debbie" by continuing to write about it, but life isn't always fluffy dogs and apple pie. Sometimes it's dog shit and sour apples. Glad to have got that off my chest. Phew! Two things have been kicking my ass; fatigue and a sore left hip. I've been actively working the former, and in denial on the later.

After taking a month off from running, I jumped in with the only speed I know, and quickly felt "back to square one" on the fatigue. I was going to say, it's hard to explain, but it's really not. I'm just tired and don't have the speed and adrenaline I'm used to on faster runs. I've written here about the nature med Dr. I've been seeing that's trying to get to the bottom of the fatigue thing; lots of blood work, infusions of iron, and a spit test. The only thing they haven't asked for is a sperm sample. At least that would be funner than the other tests (was that my outside voice?...I forgot this is a family-rated blog.) I'm scheduled to discuss some of the results this week with Dr. Boulder, but a work trip may be shifting that around a bit. At least I'm working through that one. The sore hip...yes...I've been holding out on you on that one. It has been hurting for two months now and even my infamous foam roller hasn't done the trick. I've hit the chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist, but the hip is still "pist."

Last week, I went to take pictures of the hip. I can handle the minor stuff; pulls, sprains, strains, but I wanted to make sure there was not something else going on. X-Rays were negative with a diagnosis of hip trochanteric bursitis. Due to all the above, I have all but eliminated any notion of running in the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon in August which pains me. My run PT suggests I take the rest of the year off with emphasis on cross-training and maybe 3 runs a week at 70% of my maximum heart rate. I'm in the fourth week of that delightful program. I got biking gloves for Father's Day. Not sure if that was a heartfelt gift or a cruel joke for a runner to get on Dad's day.

Sooooo, "other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

I'd like to put a positive spin on this so I don't lose the few people that read this so here it goes;

I haven't heard anyone say, "you're too skinny" lately. (I've put on a few pounds.)

Saturdays without the alarm clock going off at 4-5AM. What a concept. There's lots of things to do on a Saturday morning I've discovered.

I haven't had to buy a new pair of shoes in six months. Think of the money I'm saving!

Shot bloks. I used to go through them like a college kid goes through cheap beer. A six pack goes a long way when you max out at a few four mile jogs a week.

Strength training! I'm considering this an extended off-season so I'm working on core strength; arms, abs, hips, quads, hammies.

So if you've wondered where I've been, you now know. It's difficult to hang out with runners when I can't train for marathons or hang in my virtual world and talk about "not" running on DailyMile and Twitter. Once again, the blog name seeks appropriate, "Seeking Boston Marathon" as I'm on a quest to get there again.


  1. I understand exactly how you feel. It's like, "hey um, my athletic life took a dump and quite frankly there's only so much content I can pull out of my @ss before I give up." I haven't run a single step in 99 days or essentially a little over 3 months. I have brand new shoes I bought during training for my marathon that have never even been laced up. I have sat out 3 races to date I had signed up for in that time, I have 2 more races lined up that I will also have to forgo. The money I have essentially washed down the drain is sitting somewhere around $300+ dollars. I only sign in to DM from my electric miles iphone app to log my measly xtraining workouts so I don't have to stomach seeing everyone else's glorious runs or runs they complain about when I would give my left arm for even a bad run at this point. It's ok to feel this way, it's ok to admit things suck... but now that it's out you just gotta put it behind you and find a way to push on. Embrace that xtraining, build up your strength on the bike and maybe think about doing a duathlon or triathlon, get ripped up doing strength training, etc... In short find something, anything to pour all these feelings of frustration in to so it can be used for good and not evil (Getting stuck in the Debbie Downer mode) And if you ever need to just vent to someone who "gets it" drop me a line anytime. Big hugs from your fellow redheaded used-to-be-running pal.

  2. Just read this post by a friend and thought I'd share it with you:


  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough go of it lately. I can understand. Hang in there. I'm learning that recovery can take many more months than you may want....yet... it is what it is. Bless you!

  4. Hang in there, Ty. Being injured is such a bummer, but treat your body well and you'll be back stronger than ever.

  5. Ugh, meeee too. I've been dealing with Achilles tendonitis for three weeks and a possibly worse situation which will require surgery and 2 months of non-weight bearing activity. Focusing on the positive is so hard--kudos for inspiring me to try. My positive "spin" is that i got to go shopping for yoga clothes because apparently no one does yoga in running shorts at my gym. biking and yoga were definitely not doing the trick though--i had to start eating less, which is the saddest part of not running. anyway, word.

  6. Ugh! Sorry to hear! I dealt with bursitis last year and after a cortisone shot & a three week total break from any exercise, I was able to get back out there. But it's now back and I'm totally avoiding it since my NYCM training begins next week.
    Hope you get down to the bottom of the fatigue and get treated for it asap. Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  7. Thanks for all the positive comments and vibes. As Arnold often says, "I'll be back" (with accent.)

  8. ohhhhhh you poor thing. what a giant suckfest. we're here when you get back, and i hope this time passes quickly while you heal.


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