Friday, October 28, 2011

Frightening Friday: "It's Gotta be the Shoes"

Ahhh....the smell of Fall leaves on the ground and wet candy in the bottom of a pillowcase.  Something about Halloween that still brings out the kid in me.  Last year I was a "rocker" and somewhere along the evening, I developed a British accent so for the rest of the evening I was Aldous Snow from "Get Him to the Greek."  Apparently, I was rather convincing as a boorish rocker.

How do I top that?  This wife and I are going as caveman and cave woman.  Considering we got our first dusting of snow in Denver, I was not about to go out on Saturday night in bare feet although that would qualify me for authentic cave man and minimal runner.

I put my creative hat on and built some leopard shoes to complete the outfit.  As an aside, if an older woman that preys on younger men is a "cougar" what's the male equivalent...Jaguar?

In the 80's, Spike Lee did an infamous Nike shoe commercial with Michael Jordan, "It's got to be the shoes.

"  In this case the shoes don't make the woman, they make the caveman.  An old pair of Pearl Izumi's (I should have used Puma's) converted to fast caveman shoes.  Not as fast as my new Brooks Pure Project Cadence shoes, but pretty cool.  You only see the shoes in the blog...20 comments here or on my SeekingBostonMarathon Facebook page and you'll see me in full caveman mode.  I'll do anything for viewers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What do You Look Like the Day After a Marathon?

What do you look like the day after a marathon?

This somewhat hinges on whether you run them or race them.  Please spare the hate mail on the previous statement as anyone who completes a marathon is worthy of donning the finishers medal, but there's a clear difference between running and racing a marathon.  Years ago I encountered an older couple who had run the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon.  To my amazement, they were heading onto another city to run one the following weekend and seemed to move about just fine.  I could never do that, but they clearly "ran" the marathon and didn't seem to display the typical "marathon limp" the day after.

This week I came across a great video* that shows the limp I'm referring to.

I tend to look like Indiana Jones (the Ford version not the Shia version) after he was dragged by the truckload of Nazis.  Perhaps the impact of arthritis and running; or the fact that I try and push my pace as fast as possible.  I have a noticeable limp after a race that sticks around for a day.  I ran into a woman the morning after the Chicago Marathon two years ago and she seemed fresh as a daisy.  I asked how she could move around so easily and she responded with "what was your finish time?"  Not that I'm fast, but she retorted, "no wonder!"  The faster the run, the faster your limbs are pounding the pavement.

What do you look like the day after a race? Daisy or Indy?

* Video courtesy of Flora and the London Marathon

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raceapalooza Weekend

While I took the Fall marathon season off, this last weekend was one of the busiest marathon weekends of the year with big names including Bank of America's Chicago Marathon (one of my favorites,) Portland Marathon (my third BQ race in a downpour,) and Denver's Rock and Roll Marathon (my hometown!)

Not racing and dealing with the flu, I lived vicariosly through others online via twitter, facebook and even caught a good portion of the Ironman coverage of Kona on Saturday.  Some great races and some great write-ups I decided to re-post and share.

You'll always remember your first.  This badass girl, the Skinny Pink Ninja, overcame a traffic accident and a Dr. who told her she wouldn't run again.  She completed his first marathon on Sunday in Denver.  Her write-up, "True Grit: My Battle with the 26.2 Monster" cracked me up with the encounter with an 81 year old member of the 50 Marathons in 50 states club; "Years ago, after he had run 11 marathons, his doctor told him to stop because it was bad for him. 55 marathons later he was in Denver running and his doctor, who was 10 years younger than him, is living in a nursing home."

 From "AE513," A smaller town half marathon including the ballpark used in the film, "A League of Their Own" (Bosse Field) at the Evansville Half Marathon.  A gutsy run, a PR, and a podium.

Turning lemons into lemonade, Mark had a tweaked calf that lead to a disappointing DNF at the Chicago Marathon.  Mark decided to capture some big video of the elites and enjoy the race as a spectator.  Catch his blog for the video.

Where many races were enjoying cool fall temps, the Long Beach Marathon got downright hot.  SugarMagnolia overcame plantar faciitis, a lost camera, and lost water bottle to complete a very respectable half along the ocean.

The "Chuck Norris" of runners, Joe Marruchella, used the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon as a tune-up race for New York.  This guy's tune-up is borderline elite.  I met Joe at Boston in 2009.  I respect him for his badass running, his mission to honor his friend Dom, and his blog.  His write-up of the Denver (Half) Marathon in my hometown.

An experienced triathlete with a goal of qualifying for Boston before the age of 40 took on the Portland Marathon.  Last year was a steady heavy rain.  This year just provided intermittent cooling rain, but the infamous train delay returned.  Read See Becca Try to Tri Portland race report to see if she hit her goal.

Holy crap Batman!  This dude didn't medal in his AG, he frickin' came in first overall.  He used the Pfitzinger 18/70 program which is the polar opposite direction of the book I'm reading, Run Less, Run Faster.  Thanks for impressing me, and thanks for confusing me (on my training plan for my next race.)  This blogger/runner accomplished the feat at the Towpath Marathon this last weekend.  His write-up.

Some great races and some great motivation for me as start for pre-training ramp-up to my next marathon.  Did you run this last weekend and write about it?  Drop me a line on Facebook or twitter and I'll add ya!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Vegas, A New Running Book, My Next Race

1) Wondering where I've been?  Vegas plus the flu equaled low mileage this week.    I was in Sin City earlier this week and was supposed to turn around and head to Philly today.  My body rebeled and said, no flight, no running, and back to bed and get some rest.  Sometimes rational wins over passion.  I was able to get in a pretty cool run on the strip before I left (a little lighter in the wallet.)

2) A new running book!  Torn between running more miles (with a Pfitzinger plan that runs up to 70 miles a week over an 18 week plan) or smarter miles?  A lot of variables with this one, but if you're closer to 50 (years not miles) than 20 which I am, and you've had overtraining and fatigue issue, I'm leaning towards the later.

I'm 70 pages into Runner's World's "Run Less, Run Faster."  How can you resist a title like that?  The book is based on a scientific approach that values three quality runs in a training week vs. trying to log as many miles as possible.  Granted, the three runs are not for the casual runner as they push you fairly hard.  Those training runs are complemented by two days of cross-training...hmmm...could that forced summer off from marathon racing have been some kind of divine intervention to raise my bike and swim game in preparation for this?

I'm not 100% convinced that it's going to be my plan come January, but it's leaning that way.  I'll keep ya'll posted.

3)  What race?  I threw it out there to many of my virtual running friends on what race to run instead of Boston this Spring as I came up Maxwell Smart on the Boston Marathon ("missed it by that much.")  You voted, I listened, and I'm leaning towards a BQ friendly course with the Colorado Marathon.  Plenty of downhill and it's on my home court (Colorado!)  The "close second?" The Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  I may wind up running (not racing) the Pig half to satisfy my desire for a really fun race, after a determined Colorado Mary.

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