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Evergreen Rose

Some stories seem made up. This is not one of them.  As you've followed my journey, this year has certainly been a "hold my beer" nine months having lost both my parents in February and May. With many wanting to celebrate both of their lives, we had their Celebration's of Life in July and August. Both were grand send-offs. After the laughs, cries, people going back to work, and flying home my wife and I were living in my mother's Estate home.  Marlene lived the previous 17 years on Tappy Toorie Circle; only one of three homes I'd also lived in over our combined lives. Then there was the matter of the estate. For the most part, it's been a labor of love to slowly go through boxes, drawers and file cabinets bit-by-bit with a lot of help from the family. My mom was a sentimental one so we've come across letters I wrote to her in college, grade school art projects and my daughter and nieces got a huge laugh over finding a photo of my mom with bra, panti

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