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Long Covid Brain Fog is not Fog: It's Brain Damage

At my fifth "home" this year as a vagabond moving around as we rented out our home to cover some finances due to Long Covid, I was having my morning coffee with my wife and brother-in-law. Marc started to ask me something. Google Show was playing the morning news before I was to head out for my IVIG infusions and I told Google to politely shut up. Sorry, I exclaimed to him, " I have OCD and ACD." My wife quickly asked, "don't you mean ADD?" I quickly retorted, "no I mean ACD." She then asked, "What does that stand for?" Like my late father who succumbed to Dementia this year, I find myself sometimes "making up answers" or explanations to my gaffes. "It's Attention Chronic Deficit," I explained. (Patent Pending.) We all laughed at the exchange--sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry--it's good medicine.  This is a tough post to write in more ways than one. As someone with Long Covid (famously coined Po

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