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Long Covid, Turbo Cancer, and Fast Car

I can't remember (insert Long Covid cognition joke) who said it that "nothing makes you appreciate living than nearly dying"--or maybe I was the one that said it back in 2014 when I crashed in a triathlon and nearly died on a Saturday night in the ICU of Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs. I had nearly come to terms with my disabled Long Covid life in July of last year with my wife. We traveled to Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for a Long Covid brain study with Dr. Michael VanElzakker. We'd parlayed the volunteer trip (on our dime) into a luxury hotel ( Liberty Hotel ) stay in downtown Boston. It was a trip down memory lane as "Mrs Seeking Boston" and I had grand memories with my five Boston Marathons. Without working or running anymore, I hadn't been back to "Beantown" since my last marathon there in 2015. Energy limited what I could do, but we certainly spoiled ourselves with the phenomen

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