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Vinay the Conspiracy Bear

If you've followed my blog or twitter , you've perhaps seen one or both of my #longcovid " Mean Tweets  videos." Both have featured the "king of gaslighting" Vinay Prasad of UCSF. On Friday, I dropped the audio version of his book, " Vinay the Angry Conspiracy Bear. " Some understood the #parody while others were confused wondering, "what's up with the bear reference, why a children's book, and what the heck is the reference to sauna?"  I'll do my best to explain the insanity. First off, if you take a minute to watch "mean tweets" you will see his repeated encounters with people in a sauna who are wearing a mask. Thus, his bizarre infatuation and ensuing tweets. While I agree with the sentiment, that this sounds miserable, protecting one's self in a small confined environment with a mask is within one's right especially when the deadly part of pandemic is still just that--deadly.  Why the bear? He

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