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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Long Covid World

I don't quite get it. I've given up on "can't we all get along," but don't quite understand how the Long Covid community has veered off onto such an ugly course. I get it. Of all people, I get it. For me, my "48-hour flu" that started back in January of 2020 is now at 32,459 hours. Not that I'm counting. Of course I may already be in trouble because I used the word "flu" when describing my world. Semantics is part of what got us into this mess. My theory on "the why" before I get into "the what" is, people are at their wits end--there's another more graphic figure of speech I'd use but highly inappropriate given the high rate of suicide among those with Long Covid. Before you take that line out of context, we are depressed because we are sick and not the other way around as Natalie Shure and other gaslighting journalists would indicate with terms like " FND" or functional neurological disorder.  

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