Top Ten Health Questions for Seeking Boston Right Now

I get a lot of the same questions with regards to my COVID-19 long-hauler journey (including, "what is a long-hauler?") I thought it would be helpful to provide my "Top Ten" questions and their answers since my story was covered on NBC Nightly News (coverage by Tom Costello.)  Answers first (ala Jeopardy style) followed by the questions.

The Answers

1.  105*

2.  Russian antibiotics and Hydroxychloroquine

3.  The son of Donatella Versace and Steve Buscemi

4.  60

5.  May

6.  Yes, CPR**

7.  Painting and Drawing

8.  86, 92

9.  Russian antibiotics and Hydroxychloroquine

10. Twenty one two weeks ago *** 

(Bonus Question) 

11. 34,000 and Uranus

The Questions

1. How many days did your fever last?

2. What are the the two most ridiculous suggestions you got to help with your symptoms?

3. You've been injected with nuclear agents twice now for testing. Kinda like Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. What actor did you most resemble after you were injected with Nuclear agents?

4. How many times have you been to the Dr since getting sick in January?

5. When was the last time you ran?

6. I heard you had a "face made for radio." Is it true your story was on the radio, if so, what channel?

7. Since you can't run, what fills your time to keep you from going batshit crazy?

8. Our President received the finest healthcare available for COVID with his BOC (Blood Oxygen Content) dropping to 94. What's the lowest yours has gone and what levels do you drop to currently?

9. What did Trump take after his night with Stormy and what didn't he take when he got COVID?

10) I understand you aren't working out (even though you have a brand new Peloton.) What's the longest distance you've gone and when was that?

Bonus Question: 11. Trump claims that we shouldn't be afraid of COVID and that it's no worse than the flu which killed 100,000 US lives last year. What's the real number and what body part would you associate with someone who spreads lies as a leader and mocks the notion of people who wear masks? 

Kidding and factoids aside, my situation remains largely un-changed. I am still at work and able to manage for the most part but I'm wiped out by the end of the day. I still have crazy neuro stuff that happens at night so I still find myself soaking my legs in ice cold water at one or two in the morning. 

My primary doc at National Jewish shared in our last appointment that he has "several hundred" patients who have similar symptoms that pre-2020 conventional medicine cannot explain. We are nearing the end of eliminating conventional medical diagnosis. Absent time travel, I can't go back and get a swab in January or Antibody test in February. I'm among the several hundred thousand people known on longhaulers (not a trucking term) that have residual ongoing symptoms from this disease that was not taken seriously by our admininstration. 

In terms of tests, I have most recently had a PET Scan (full body scan,) bone marrow biopsy, Cardio Pulmonary Stress test, and an (emergency) Cardiac Nuclear Stress Test. I meet with a cardio specialist this week to try and explain the "leather wallet plucked from the campfire stuffed in my chest" that inhibits my breathing.

I have been drawing and painting a lot lately and collaborating with a musician who's coming out with a digital album accompanied by a graphic novel. Stay tuned on that front. On the positive front, my primary dr. suggested getting to sea level so my wife and I rented a place in La Jolla, CA and had two of my three kids visit. Despite my Dr. telling me not to exert myself, I did get in some body surfing, boogie board and per question and answer number seven, I had a ride from Imperial Beach to Coronado Island and back on a Giant e-bike with my main man Liam. Was great to see him and only motivates me to get healthy to once again race with him.

* Last fever went 105 days and ended the Tuesday after Labor Day. New streak of eight days with low BOC brings us to the day of this post.

** Link to my radio interview on Colorado Public Radio HERE.

*** Twenty one miles, but it was on an e-bike. Does that count?

Footnote: I'd previously posted the "Mother's Day painting" post. That painting (version right before it was competed with over 100 hours put into it) and a couple of my COVID illustrations below.

Nearly completed painting of my Uncle, His wife and Grandparents. 


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