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This year has been fantastic thus far with a mere 3.1 racing miles under my belt. As I've chronicled here, this isn't a comeback (I won't call it that Brian,) but I've come a long way in seven months in terms of training and hopefully getting back to my podium ways, but there have been a few significant things happening on the blog and athlete front outside what happens outside.
Sporting the 2014 BlueSeventy Helix

Good things must happen in threes as I was selected to be a Fitfluential Ambassador, speaker for FitBloggin15 in Denver and I am thrilled and honored to be selected as part of the Runner's Roost triathlon team. On Sunday afternoon, I attended the Roost Running Triathlon Race Team meeting at the Runner's Roost Denver store. Denver is not unlike most running communities in that it's a very tight-knit group that are passionate about the sport of running and triathlons. While I know many of the athletes on the team, this year I get to represent the best run and triathlon store in Colorado boasting many of the states top athletes.

Fun and Fast Group
Sunday's meeting was a lot of fun seeing some good friends including Ted who loaned me my first wetsuit for my very first triathlon. My wife can blame him for getting me hooked on the sport, and I already apologized for peeing in his suit. I did do him the favor of rinsing it out. Also there were the DiCroce's who I used to run with every Saturday with Runner's Edge of the Rockies. I still remember Sarah telling me that Ironmans are easier than marathons. I'm hoping to prove that out some day but this summer will continue to focus on the shorter tri distances.

Runner's Roost has teamed up again this year with BlueSeventy for the team wetsuits, goggles, and tri-bags. I raced in a Helix last summer and absolutely loved the buoyancy, flexibility in the arms, and zipper construction.  Roost has also partnered with local (Boulder, CO) company Pearl Izumi for
Race Team Gear
shirts, shorts, tri racing suit, and E:Motion Tri N1 v2 triathlon shoes (shown left.) We received our Runner's Roost logo tri bags, shoes, and race shirts at the meeting with the balance of the gear coming in April. Who doesn't love some killer swag? What makes it easier is being a fan of the store and both sponsors brands before making the team.

For many a triathlete especially in Colorado, there are many hours on the trainer indoors, swims at the recreation center, or the occasional outdoor ride (not lately) on the unseasonably warm day. For me, my primary focus for the next eight weeks remains Boston Marathon training and getting my "lungs back." My current run coach knows I will switch to triathlons soon after Boston so she's already incorporating the swim and (indoor) bike on my cross-training days. I note that my rides have been indoors as the bike I totaled in July is still totaled, but I've started to drool over bikes on web-sites as I'm shopping for my 2015 ride.


2015 Mens Helix Full Wetsuit


  1. Congrats on being selected for FitBloggin, Fitfluential, and part of the Runner's Roost Team!

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